Lost in Wonder

​I am lost in wondering when time comes that my affection for him doesn’t matter anymore and if God would give me the liberty to choose, would I choose him still? 

I am lost in wondering would there be still friendship that is left in between us despite the space and distance.. 

Would there be still warmth and welcoming despite the time and separation? 

Would there be still a connection despite the lack of communication? 
I am lost in wondering, is there an us? 

or was it just me, hallucinating after all 

Trying to turn my fantasy into reality. 

Was it me who believe that there could be a possibility.
Yes all of these activity are happening inside my head triggered by my heart and by the pictures and memories we had. There will be no drama if I hadn’t been too emotional and easy to fall in love.
Had it been for my heart,

All of this would have happen. 

Still I thank God for this heart, 

Because I took a lot of learning. 
My future is vague, what I know for sure is that the coming of the days are great. 

As long as I obey the Father’s will 

– which is to trust and move forward with Him. 

Learning to love Him first with my all. 

I know for sure that there is a victory that awaits for my soul.
#vague #wonderingheart #atlost #wander #beauty #heartbestill #JesusYourMySecurity


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