The weekend that will never get away

​The lens of my camera cannot fully record the things I have seen and I have felt from the past 3 days I spent with God’s great people in Cagayan de Oro City. 
The amount of blessedness and the presence of God’s greatness is surreal that I was too overwhelmed to even take it all in. 
There are a lot of unexpected things that happened, and most of it (i think all of it) are great. I believe this one weekend in July is one of the many great things the Lord has in stored in my life. 
I came to realize that if it wasn’t because of the Lord I won’t be able to experience all of this things on my own, I won’t be able to appreciate ate Elvie and Kuya Jason’s wedding on my own and on how they waited and prayed to the Lord and how God orchestrated everything according to His timeline and purpose.
My heart is full of gratefulness and thankfulness for what happened this weekend, although the event wasn’t really for me, but the lasting effect of it encouraged me to wait patiently upon the Lord’s timing. The Lord have shown His mysterious and amazing ways on telling me to wait patiently and joyfully upon His great timing. 
It was  God’s confirmation for me to wait, wait for a little bit of a long time for my love story to be as beautiful as how God prepared and planned it to be. That weekend was full of love & waiting & success in waiting talks. 
That weekend I saw again the person I’m beginining to admire, my heart was at rest and joyful at the same time seeing him again after our Cebu trip together. He didn’t do anything that is beyond friendship line but that alone made me admire him more. I appreciated his time and his presence, and I appreciated his heart to prioritize his responsibilities. I appreciated how he tried to cope up positively with the devastating abuse he experienced from the church he was serving. He was coping up by the grace and mercy of Jesus’ love. 
I never felt so modest, so at peace and joyful. 

I know that there is nothing wrong to admire a person whose heart is for Jesus but I also understood the purpose of this friendship is not for me to enjoy but for me to pray, encourage and support him in his spiritual and life journey. 
I admire him from a distance. 

I don’t know when will my affections for him last. 

I have fully understood that our friendship today is the most treasured thing I need to value.

and anything more than that is taken care by my Abba Father. 
I do not desire nor expect anything in the next days ahead… I do not wish for anything that can stain our friendship. I hope for something greater, and that hope wills to wait, wills to take time and wills to trust in the Lord. Knowing that God is in control and He will be the One himself that will create unexpected things and even desired things to actually happen in our lives. 
Not for now, but tomorrow for sure it will be. 

Do not worry, do not fear. 

Keep trusting Jesus, keep on pursuing Him. 


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