I choose JESUS.

This life has been a fast-paced one for me, I remember facing the year 2016 with so much excitement in my heart because I’ll be taking the Dental Licensure Examination and with four months of prayer and preparation the Lord granted my request to pass the Board Examination and that doesn’t stop in there anotherbig blessing came because the day after the result were out, I immediately went to a local dental clinic here in our place (General Santos City) to practice in a private setting.

And thinking again what the Lord has done in my life, thinking that 2017 is fast approaching here I am now with my heart in awe with the Lord, grateful and praiseful for all the He has done in my life and I came to realize how good and faithful the Lord is to those who are willing to submit to His will and willing to serve His people.

I am a living testimony, a living witness of how the Lord blesses His people, of how He shows His faithfulness and His goodness to His children. and that no matter how far we get through with this life ahead of us, we have to stand in our faith. To stand in what we believe in, that choosing Jesus is what it takes to live a life full of meaning, full of grace and full of beauty. Choosing Jesus no matter what life throws at us, will always lead us to victory.

I choose Jesus, it is all by the grace of God that we can be able to keep choosing Him.


Heart’s Content

Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.. How much more if you write about it. We can learn about someone else’s heart if we learn from what he speaks and what he says. Once you see a person such like that, that’s a rare privilege especially if what he’s talking about is more of God’s heart, Gods’s will and God’s plan more than about himself and his plans.

One that denies himself and giving more priority in doing the will of God is somewhat noble. Being unconsciously selfless and learning to lean more and trust more in Jesus. That’s a man you should be asking for God, a man that loves Jesus more than you do. A man that knows where He is going and where He is staying.. Which is going towards a progressive and pro-active-serving-the-Lord future and at the same time a man that knows where to stay, which is in the presence of God.

This man is a rare precious gift from God and its never wrong to desire such man, as a woman of faith.. This is our time to put into act the practice of faith and trusting in the Lord.. That though this desire may somewhat sound perfect and too ideal.. its never impossible if were asking for it in our Lord who is the God of all possibility.

Women, this is the art of waiting.. It comes beautifully when we wait patiently in the Lord, when we trust fully in His hands, and when we choose not to settle for less… When we wait, we wait actively – praying to God that someday soonest then the man that we are seeking and desiring for will arrive.


The Waiting Season

Yesterday I was reading a 5 -year old conversation in facebook, and I just happen to realize it has been 5 long years since I committed to the Lord not to get into any romantic relationships. It is something that I have asked before the Lord so that my heart will be guarded from any broken hearts, shallow expectations and the feeling of guilt getting into an abrupt decision just because of my mere emotions.

Now that the five long years have gone to past, and the freedom of considering someone to be with me for the rest of my days starts to linger. The anticipation of waiting came back again, the excitement of being in a relationship was rekindled and the image of being in a relationship that glorifies the Lord together is once again forming at the depths of my heart.

I do not know who is this person the Lord has prepared for me, I do not know if I am already acquainted to him, or he has already know that I exist all I know is that in waiting, we practice to pursue good attitude. That it doesn’t mean five years have already passed and I can just be in any  random relationship right now, it doesn’t mean that way… it means God has taught me to value the preservation He gave, and I should not easily entrust this fragile heart of mine to just any random person that gives me time and acknowledgment. 

To wait means to know that there is something worth coming up, all that it takes is having a good attitude while waiting.. Cancelling all the doubts and fears and putting faith in the Lord that there are greater things that awaits to those who are willing to wait. 

Lifesaving Poems: Denise Levertov’s ‘The Secret’

Anthony Wilson


The Secret

Two girls discover

the secret of life

in a sudden line of


I who don’t know the

secret wrote

the line. They

told me

(through a third person)

they had found it

but not what it was

not even

what line it was. No doubt

by now, more than a week

later, they have forgotten

the secret,

the line, the name of

the poem. I love them

for finding what

I can’t find,

and for loving me

for the line I wrote,

and for forgetting it

so that

a thousand times, till death

finds them, they may

discover it again, in other


in other

happenings. And for

wanting to know it,


assuming there is

such a secret, yes,

for that

most of all.

Denise Levertov, from O Taste and See: New Poems (New Directions Publishing Corporation, 1964)

I was at a thing. To be…

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Newbie: For a Short Novel

Hi there my dear friends,

I am so grateful to be part of the wordpress community, and before this year would come to an end, as a thanksgiving for helping me out to publish and posts my short articles and writings. I am generously posting my first Christian novel here. Please forgive me in advance because this is a raw manuscript without any touch of editing and beautification. I just want to share to you what’s in my heart’s content.

I hope you’d like it and I’ll be posting one chapter a day, don’t worry it’s only twelve chapters, just a short novel for a newbie like me. Thank you in advance for reading the novel. Have fun and feel free to comment whatever you’d like to say. Your’s truly.

Daughter of God,

Keziah Galay.

Clandestine Prologue


Tuesday, September 01, 2015

6:43 PM

It has been almost a three years since Heather came to the city of Richmond, never did it came to her mind that she’s going to stay there to study medicine. Knowing in her heart that Richmond is on the bottom list of the places she would pay a visit. Due to her ambition to become a medical doctor, which generously has been granted by her mom – she still went. This is not her first time to be on a state university since she graduated her high school and pre-medicine degree on different state universities.


Thanks to her mom who happens to be one of the prominent neurosurgeon in their hometown, Alabama, she was able to study to different prestigious schools all over the state. Unfortunately Richmond is not one of her dream school, if she were to choose she would go to Dale University at Southern Islands where most of her college friends take the proper medicine than to be here in a government-running state university. She doesn’t have much of a choice since her younger brother is already a freshman in college and her mom is the only one who’s supporting the entire family because of her father’s death of heart attack. Though her mom is a well-paid neurosurgeon in their hometown still it would not be enough for both of them of her younger brother, Norman, to go to private universities together.


Since the beginning of Yorkshire Empire, it has been a culture and part of the social norms that only those families that are capable of sending their children to school have the right to belong in the society, education became the hindrance to the commoners since it is so expensive. Only a little portion of the society can be educated in a professional way those who can’t afford they don’t have any chance to pursue their dreams in life. The only good thing in the government is that they try to provide the most affordable education to people but only for those who are qualified with enough mental capacity and responsibility in taking the course the government wants them to be.

So you see, Heather’s world isn’t that much of a perfect place, in her world there’s still a lot of things that needs to be fix especially in their social norms and the system of the government since she doesn’t have much power to do anything, she finds herself in doing her best to become her dream. To be a professional and very successful neurosurgeon just like her mother. She adores her mother so well, she look up to her and see her as the ideal woman, God-fearing woman, very relational to people and loves both of them of her younger brother. Though she misses her dad so much, she is grateful that the Creator gave her a wonderful and beautiful mom.

When life gives you potatoes..

Hold On


1 Timothy 1:19

“holding on to faith and a good conscience.”

This is the first day of December the final month before this year will come to an end. A lot of things, great and amazing things happen this year from first to the last quarter of this year there are many things that causes me to hold on to faith to God and have a good conscience, God has given me a lot of reasons to look upon Him and fix my eyes on Him whether it a victory, a need, a comfort, a belongingness, or something in between.

I came to the Lord tonight in tears because I miss all the great things and the amazing days from the past months of this year. Those moments where I was so filled with love and so overwhelmed with spontaneous activities and involvement with God’s ministry and God’s people. I miss those days when time cannot be stretch to have it all. Now that I have time it seems that opportunities are running out, or maybe I am the one running out from them.

I was in tears because I am afraid that my life after I pass the board examination will be as stagnant and as passive as these days have become. My heart is crying out to God because I miss HIM so much, yes His words sustains me every day, through prayer I get to understand the things I can’t understand and through prayer God gave me more patience to wait but still I am in tears because I can’t accept the fact that I have become passive. I have become a passive Christian doing less things for the Lord even the most important thing to do in the first day of the week I am already struggling to do it. I am struggling to go to church and I am struggling to have a fellowship with my old youth friends from my former church here at home.

Yes life gets difficult, God says in his words that we should not be surprised to have all kinds of trials rather we accept it as pure joy, because when we struggle and when we are in anguish it means we still have a heart for Christ and we still are alive spiritually even if it means breathing hard. We struggle because we are looking for a holy contentment, a satisfaction nothing else in the world can satisfy only God does. We struggle because we have been situated in a lifestyle where we are soaked in God’s love, God’s comfort and God’s people that not being situated in that position anymore hurts our heart and we struggle how to move forward and still holding strong to the faith God has entrusted to us. Yes I am struggling, I am having spiritual sicknesses, I miss my friends from the ministry, I miss my ‘manghuds’ in Christ that I do CCL and try to mentor spiritually, I miss my classmates at school, I miss doing the things I am so used in doing. I miss my old life, I miss my previous chapter of life. As much as I wanted to leave it behind, finish my studies and move on, still the beauty and the meaningful moments life has given me through those tough times makes me to have it again and again in my life. The difficult journey that cause me to come to Jesus and became strong in my faith is what I missed so much and now that I am no longer situated in that chapter of my life, I am still in the art of how to overcome this “moving-on” struggle. Life is so beautiful that it is such a waste to only remain in a chapter of our lives.

God’s words is powerfully encouraging us today to hold on to our faith to HIM and hold on to good conscience. When we do that then we know that the Lord will bring us into another kind of chapter in our lives where beauty, fulfilment and gratefulness to Him overflows. Let us be more patient in waiting upon the Lord for now let us keep His words in our hearts that we too should hold on to our faith in HIM. Even if life gives us lemons and potatoes. 🙂