That Ordinary Girl.

The Blogger of this account has a name, and she’s called that Ordinary Girl.

One whose typically the same with every girl but wishes to be someone that would stay different and free, someone that could possibly make a difference, someone that could make influence, someone that is lead by and extraordinary being. My parents named me Mary Keziah Galay, I’m a dentistry student who happens to transfer school in Cebu City, Philippines and yes i’m still studying but at the same time – still working out what kind of things I want to do while I’m still here in Cebu.

I’m still trying to figure it out on what I could possibly do while I’m here – The Lord has impressed to me to make use all of the available resources here and consume it to satisfy & glorify Him. And here I am entering a new kind & a new way of worship. The world of Blogging –  though its not my thing, but what inspires me to do this is that God has allowed me to write down the things I have experienced and learned from. Maybe He wants me to share it with you also.

This blog will surely talk more about God’s greatness and majestic power working in the life He has given me, Desiring Him and be soaked with His presence is something deep & meaningful and as we continue this 3-year journey may it be that everyday will be a day seeing Christ and looking at Him as the greatest treasure one could have.



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