Narrow Road

The road to righteousness is narrow, the road we need to walk in to become an unch closer to God is not a wide road, its the other way around… when we walk in its pavement its not always smooth most of the times its rough, its hot, its uncomfortable, the road seems so tiring to walk in that at times we find difficulty persevering. But when God says go, when God is leading us to walk in this path – no matter how scary, how challenging, how painful or how difficult this road can be we know that at the end of the trail there is a beautiful paradise that awaits us, a place where there will be no more tears, no more heartaches, no more pain, no more sufferring. And that hope that leads us to a life that is fulfilled is in the Name of Jesus when we believe and trust in Him. Knowing that He is in control of everything, He will take the lead, He will take care of us, He is more than enough for us to make it through in that difficult road of life. Christ has already defeated the enemy, He has already overcome the grave and Christ is more than enough for us to make it through with this road of life. So keep on pressing, keep on going no matter what – because surely the Lord will bless and reward those who never stops believing, never stops obeying, never stops in trusting Him. God will reward the obedient. He will take care of us even if it seems like no one does. The Lord knows our pain, He knows every aching pain we have, He knows our hearts and all the contents of it… find peace in His resting embrace, find comfort in His assuring Words, find courage in His abiding presence, find love in His faithful arms, find hope in His Spirit, find faith even in unexplainable painful circumstances, with this truth we know that God is great, and He is greater than every trial, every pain, every difficulty we are having today. 

Take heart my soul, let God be God. 



Let God be God.

Everything seems fine now, but there are still things I need to remind myself about so that I can still find myself in silence and in stillness by the grace of God. 

1. God is in control of everything.

– yes i don’t get to control all things especially the mindset of other people towards me, the way they treat me or think of me is their own account and I no longer have any control if they aren’t please with me anymore. 

2. Things are different now.

– you are now entering a different level of your life, you are in a transition phase & God is pruning you to leave those dried leaves, dried branches that are no longer useful, no longer growing. You must accept the fact that things are starting to change now, there are some people you’re no longer close with, there are some things you can no longer do unless the Father intervenes and makes a way for things to happen again. 

3. You are justified by grace through faith.

You are saved, you are already reconciled with whatever you have issues against the Lord because He did it already for you. Leave the guilt-feelings, leave behind the shame, leave the things that drops you off from soaring. Remember that Christ paid an unpriceable cost for you to live in freedom, for you to live rejoicing and honoring His name. Move forward, because you are already been freed. 

4. Set free & Let Go.

Let God be God. And be amazed on how the Lord will work in your life and to the life of the people you are so worried about. Set free that worrisome thoughts, take rest in the presence of the Father. He knows your heartaches, he knows your pain in proper time He will reconcile and rebuild what has been destroyed by the enemy. 

5. Live at peace with everyone & everything. 

Take heart, live in silence, live in solitary moment with God, this is your dormant phase in life. You oughta need to remain in the silent days because in proper time the Lord will be the one to make noise for you, make noise for Him in praise, in trust and in obedience. Keeping that faith that in due time you will finish this race. 

Take heart, young soul.

Take heart, and be the Woman of Faith

You oughta be. 🙂 


Better than yesterday.

I am years younger than many, but a year older from immaturity.

I got stumbled down from the simple distractions this life has been given me, I was about to give up from all the pain and discomfort feeling I felt from people, circumstances and the things I can’t quit being involved.

I was about to let go holding of the rope God told me to hold on, I was caught with the richness of my emotions, it’s so strong that my mind can’t keep up with the things my heart wanted to say or do. I was fed up by my own doing. I wasn’t wise enough to see that those ugly days I had earlier this year are meant to happen because God has been preparing the beauty in the future days ahead of me.

I was in anguished, I felt betrayed and abandoned without knowing what did I ever do wrong? I felt used and taken advantaged of just because they can. I felt exhausted and tired from too much thinking of things, concerning so much about the little worries of life that actually didn’t matter. I was restless, burnt out and tired.

From the past few weeks, I came to learn that I should trust no one – other than my God. I came to understand that no matter how good you see people there would be a time that they can be bad not because they are but because of the burden and the load they have been bringing. I stumble and fall, everybody does. one thing that assured me to feel better is the assurance of security, significance and love I received from my Heavenly Father.

Had I not experience such tremendous upside down events in my life, I will never be able to feel better. Had I not relinquished the pain I felt with the help of my Savior, I will never see the beauty in the ugly days.

the Journey still continues and the days aren’t about to end. I know and I believe that this is just the start of a new journey for me to grow a year wiser, to become bolder, and firm in the things life could actually throw at me. I’m glad that the Lord allow to break my heart, I’m thankful that in sadness and sorrow there is hope and victory when we keep trusting the overwhelming grace and love of our Father. I thank the Lord for His mercy that sustained me, to keep going on amidst pain and unanswered question of the days of the now.

So go on… this too shall pass. what’s done for Jesus will only last.

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Lost in Wonder

​I am lost in wondering when time comes that my affection for him doesn’t matter anymore and if God would give me the liberty to choose, would I choose him still? 

I am lost in wondering would there be still friendship that is left in between us despite the space and distance.. 

Would there be still warmth and welcoming despite the time and separation? 

Would there be still a connection despite the lack of communication? 
I am lost in wondering, is there an us? 

or was it just me, hallucinating after all 

Trying to turn my fantasy into reality. 

Was it me who believe that there could be a possibility.
Yes all of these activity are happening inside my head triggered by my heart and by the pictures and memories we had. There will be no drama if I hadn’t been too emotional and easy to fall in love.
Had it been for my heart,

All of this would have happen. 

Still I thank God for this heart, 

Because I took a lot of learning. 
My future is vague, what I know for sure is that the coming of the days are great. 

As long as I obey the Father’s will 

– which is to trust and move forward with Him. 

Learning to love Him first with my all. 

I know for sure that there is a victory that awaits for my soul.
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The weekend that will never get away

​The lens of my camera cannot fully record the things I have seen and I have felt from the past 3 days I spent with God’s great people in Cagayan de Oro City. 
The amount of blessedness and the presence of God’s greatness is surreal that I was too overwhelmed to even take it all in. 
There are a lot of unexpected things that happened, and most of it (i think all of it) are great. I believe this one weekend in July is one of the many great things the Lord has in stored in my life. 
I came to realize that if it wasn’t because of the Lord I won’t be able to experience all of this things on my own, I won’t be able to appreciate ate Elvie and Kuya Jason’s wedding on my own and on how they waited and prayed to the Lord and how God orchestrated everything according to His timeline and purpose.
My heart is full of gratefulness and thankfulness for what happened this weekend, although the event wasn’t really for me, but the lasting effect of it encouraged me to wait patiently upon the Lord’s timing. The Lord have shown His mysterious and amazing ways on telling me to wait patiently and joyfully upon His great timing. 
It was  God’s confirmation for me to wait, wait for a little bit of a long time for my love story to be as beautiful as how God prepared and planned it to be. That weekend was full of love & waiting & success in waiting talks. 
That weekend I saw again the person I’m beginining to admire, my heart was at rest and joyful at the same time seeing him again after our Cebu trip together. He didn’t do anything that is beyond friendship line but that alone made me admire him more. I appreciated his time and his presence, and I appreciated his heart to prioritize his responsibilities. I appreciated how he tried to cope up positively with the devastating abuse he experienced from the church he was serving. He was coping up by the grace and mercy of Jesus’ love. 
I never felt so modest, so at peace and joyful. 

I know that there is nothing wrong to admire a person whose heart is for Jesus but I also understood the purpose of this friendship is not for me to enjoy but for me to pray, encourage and support him in his spiritual and life journey. 
I admire him from a distance. 

I don’t know when will my affections for him last. 

I have fully understood that our friendship today is the most treasured thing I need to value.

and anything more than that is taken care by my Abba Father. 
I do not desire nor expect anything in the next days ahead… I do not wish for anything that can stain our friendship. I hope for something greater, and that hope wills to wait, wills to take time and wills to trust in the Lord. Knowing that God is in control and He will be the One himself that will create unexpected things and even desired things to actually happen in our lives. 
Not for now, but tomorrow for sure it will be. 

Do not worry, do not fear. 

Keep trusting Jesus, keep on pursuing Him. 

You are my All in All

Life without Christ in our hearts, there is no reason to live. A life without the Father’s love is a life without security. There is no passion to move forward, there is no reason on why we should work hard. A life that is without Jesus is a life that is meaningless and purposeless. Yes we can be happy without living for Christ, but happiness is just momentarily and  by the time that the situation that caused us to be happy has already been passed you start looking for another reason  to be happy again and the cycle keeps on rolling until you get tired and feel empty and exhausted all over and over again.

Life without understanding what Jesus did for us and a life without understanding the weight of submission to Him is a life that is pointless, it is a life that has no direction. Life without Christ, empties us, saddens us, exhausts us, depresses us it is living in a space and in a time where everything is meaningless. It’s just a life for survival but not living at all. There is no beauty in this kind of life.

This is the sad truth, that even if a person is living his life to the fullest, possessing the things he wanted for himself, he may think that he has everything he need in order to be happy – but at the end of the day, his heart is still searching for that something that can fill the void in his heart, something that materials, adventures, relationships cannot fill in. That space in his heart that only Jesus can fill.

For the past few days I have been listening to Christian Contemporary Music, and I stumbled down to keep replaying this song |My All in All by Phil Wickham. The song says it all “You are my life, You are my love, You are my reason…. You are my hope, You are my joy, You are my passion. Jesus you are my all in all”

Whether we like or not, it is only the love of Christ that compels us to live our lives to the full, He came here on earth so that we may live our lives, and to live it abundantly (John 10:10)

Jesus came to satisfy the God-shaped void in our hearts, that only Christ can fill. He is the middle man, Christ is the bridge so that we can reach unto the Holiness of God that yet we were still sinners Christ died for us. He is the way, the truth and the life and no one can enter the kingdom of God except through Him. Jesus fulfills our longings, even the deepest desires of our hearts, He knows it too well. That is the reason that He is and He should be our ALL IN ALL.

May we open our hearts today, inviting Christ in our hearts, in our minds and in our lives because there is no other way to live this life with fulfillment and purpose. Only Christ can give us the real sense of purpose – and that is to honor Him and to glorify Him through faith and obedience, through submission and surrendering of our lives to Him. Leaving all our sinful ways behind, and start living for the cause of Christ.

The cost of living for Jesus is expensive, we can not even afford it by paying our lives, but the commitment we give in living to please the Father and honoring His name is enough for the Lord to see us as His own child. John 1:12 says “But to all who believed him and accepted him, he gave the right to become children of God.” (NLT) As long as we believed that Jesus is the Lord and King of our lives, as long as we accept Him and obey His commands then God the Father will always welcome us with His love waiting for us to live with Him in heaven for all eternity.

Therefore brethren, let us live our lives meaningfully and purposely by pursuing Christ more in our lives, by pursuing more of loving Him and growing more in the knowledge of Christ perfecting our faith in God the Father. Leaving our past sinful nature, taking less of ourselves – and having more of Jesus.

Be thirsty, be hungry for God because when we do – it is the love of Christ that will give satiety in our spirit and souls. Let us come to Jesus and put our faith in Him all the days of our lives. 🙂


#PursuingChrist #HisNameIsJesus

My Best friend is Getting Married

I remember 5 years ago, it was Abigail and most of my specialized classmates in the Leadership Training of PSALM Ministry that we had a wonderful afternoon talk about love and relationships on a nipa hut, inside the Camp Karis, training center at Ubay, Bohol. Although I cannot entirely remember the speficic details of our talk during that time then, but all I know is started a real friendship for the both of us ni Abi.

And she was one of the most beautiful, feminine, relational person I have ever known, from time to time she made me feel valued and remembered by sending gifts and letters all the way from Palawan, Philippines. I haven’t been to her place, and she haven’t visited General Santos City but our low-maintenance friendship lasted up until now, and just a while ago she beeped me up on messenger telling me that they already have the date for her fiancee’s wedding (which is also our classmate in specialize during the training) I cannot stop congratulating her, and rejoicing with her in this matter.

I know that we are now running a quarter of our life and its about time that she and Sonti should settle now. I am rejoicing knowing that this most awaited wedding which will happen on March next year is one of God’s living testimony about faith, love, obedience and trust. Their relationship both has been at the center of Christ’s will with a lot of waiting, silencing, quieting and trusting more to Jesus. I may not write down extreme details about their love story but one thing is for sure in here – there is a great love relationship that abundantly awaits to those who are patiently waiting and obeying the Lord’s amazing timing.

As for my heart, I praise and thank the Lord for steadying my heart, because I know what I have been praying for the Lord, He will also grant it in his most righteous time and disposal.

For all of us godly ladies who are still waiting, let us wait patiently, let us love sincerely to the person God has already prepared by the Lord. It is always worth the wait.


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