My Best friend is Getting Married

I remember 5 years ago, it was Abigail and most of my specialized classmates in the Leadership Training of PSALM Ministry that we had a wonderful afternoon talk about love and relationships on a nipa hut, inside the Camp Karis, training center at Ubay, Bohol. Although I cannot entirely remember the speficic details of our talk during that time then, but all I know is started a real friendship for the both of us ni Abi.

And she was one of the most beautiful, feminine, relational person I have ever known, from time to time she made me feel valued and remembered by sending gifts and letters all the way from Palawan, Philippines. I haven’t been to her place, and she haven’t visited General Santos City but our low-maintenance friendship lasted up until now, and just a while ago she beeped me up on messenger telling me that they already have the date for her fiancee’s wedding (which is also our classmate in specialize during the training) I cannot stop congratulating her, and rejoicing with her in this matter.

I know that we are now running a quarter of our life and its about time that she and Sonti should settle now. I am rejoicing knowing that this most awaited wedding which will happen on March next year is one of God’s living testimony about faith, love, obedience and trust. Their relationship both has been at the center of Christ’s will with a lot of waiting, silencing, quieting and trusting more to Jesus. I may not write down extreme details about their love story but one thing is for sure in here – there is a great love relationship that abundantly awaits to those who are patiently waiting and obeying the Lord’s amazing timing.

As for my heart, I praise and thank the Lord for steadying my heart, because I know what I have been praying for the Lord, He will also grant it in his most righteous time and disposal.

For all of us godly ladies who are still waiting, let us wait patiently, let us love sincerely to the person God has already prepared by the Lord. It is always worth the wait.


#dearheart #rejoicing #waiting #trusting


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